in 1953

the foundation stone was laid by the artist, photographer and market trader Franz Wallrad and his wife Hildegard. Christmas markets were an integral part of the road to success from the start.

In addition to photography, the market trade in fruit, vegetables, confectionery and textiles was successfully expanded and continued until 1983. Unfortunately the situation changed suddenly due to Franz ‘serious illness.

in 1983 

the company was reorganized in the second generation by Ludger Wallrad. As a trained art and blacksmith, he brought further know-how and experience in the field of shaping, design and traditional craft. Franz and Ludger had the artistic streak from their father and grandfather Walter Wallrad, who shaped his life successfully as an artist, sculptor and painter.


The company TROWA is founded, which concentrates on the preparation, coloring and production of dried flowers, arrangements and bouquets as well as other trendy floristic products in a small rented hall.


Relocation and expansion into a larger, rented hall.


Purchase of the rented hall and another outbuilding.


Building application for the extension and the construction of a modern hall with sales and showroom. Unfortunately, this application was challenged by envious neighbours, which led to a construction freeze. Two more years of arguments and lawsuits passed before regulatory approval was granted. Another urgent application from the neighbourhood led to another construction freeze. We decided to sell the acquired property again and look for a new property.


You have to be lucky! There was a unique opportunity to acquire the old Martin School House in the outskirts of Bocholt-Barlo, as well as additional land for the cultivation of dried flowers. This gem was built in 1901 and has a remarkable history.


Remodelling, restoration and moving into the new property. In the new, spacious rooms, additional workplaces and expanded storage facilities were created.


Ludger started looking for new materials and trends and laid the foundation for imports from Turkey, Africa, India and China through his active travel activities.


Joint venture with Towi-NL and the re-establishment of School House GBR

Good contacts with leading African suppliers resulted in new opportunities to expand production and trade at the Bocholt location in the exotic and dried fruit sector.


Resumption of trade fairs in Frankfurt, Munich, Salzburg, Essen, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Milano.


Due to a change on the part of the business partner, the School House GBR was closed. The name “School House” is still present in some products lines  today.


Further maintenance of contacts and expansion of imports from India, China and Turkey.


Through constant further development and specialization in traditional Christmas flowers and decorations, as well as the new development and composition of the fragrance oil brand School House, the Trowa company grew gently and steadily.


building application for a new commercial hall on the existing site.


Start of construction of the new warehouse


Completion and move into the new warehouse with installation of warehouse technology.


 CORONA .. We will master that too.

Tradefair Dates:

Christmasworld Frankfurt

03.-07. February 2023

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